About us

Kaasboerderij Speksnijder is an artisanal cheese producer with a rich tradition in crafting delicious cheese. Our farm house over 100 dairycows grazing on the green pastures around the barns. Nestled in the beautiful countryside close to the cities of Rotterdam and Gouda, Jan Speksnijder and Jan Herm Bokdam run a family owned business to produce real original Gouda-Cheese 4 to 5 days per week.

We place a strong emphasis on sustainability and the well-being of our cows. Combining this with all the grass we feed to our cows, we get the highest quality milk. This milk is then used to produce our delicious cheeses, ranging from mild young cheese to flavorful aged cheese. Also our herbed cheeses are very popular. What sets us apart is our short food supply chain: the grass right next to the barns are feed to the cows. Those cows are milked in the barn on the samed yard as where the fresh milk gets used to make cheese. It all happens in 1 yard!

It is our commitment to use traditional cheese-making techniques combined with modern food safety standards. This allows us to produce cheese right on the farm made from the fresh whole milk that our cows produce daily. We would like to invite you in our on-farm store, wich is open 6 days per week.

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